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Chmura is recognized nationwide due to the reputation of Chris Chmura on the national stage as a subject matter expert in economic trends and forecasting, and thought leader in labor market data. We bring a research team approach to client assignments and Chmura products, delivering a broad spectrum of expertise to solve problems and answer questions. Our economists conduct primary research and create custom forecasting and economic models. Our mathematicians and statisticians analyze primary and secondary data and insure data integrity. Our data scientists develop technology solutions to deliver data and create visualizations to help tell the story of the data. And our strategic planners develop implementation plans to move from data-driven analysis to action plans. 

Christine ChmuraPhD, CEO and Chief Economist

A thought-leader on labor market data, Chris is a nationally recognized speaker among site selectors, economic developers, private firms, workforce practitioners, and educators. She has served as a keynote speaker for national, and international conferences, and is a quoted source on regional and national economic trends in the media throughout the nation. Chris's forecasts are included in the Blue Chip Financial Forecasts, which is synonymous with the latest in expert opinion on the future performance of the American economy. She is a former board member of the National Association of Business Economists.

Since founding Chmura Economics & Analytics in 1998, Chris and her team of experts have continued to innovate data solutions, such as JobsEQ, LaborEQ, Zonyx, and FedSpendTOP, that help answer critical client questions across the public and private sectors.

Christine Chmura, Ph.D., CEO and Chief Economist


  • Leslie PetersonPresident & Chief Strategy Officer
  • Sharon SimmonsDirector of Operations
  • John ChmuraCTO & Chief Data Scientist
  • Xiaobing Shuai, PhDDirector of Research & Senior Economist
  • Greg ChmuraChief Quality Officer
  • Bryan Shelly, PhDDirector of Sales, Senior Strategist for Education