Perkins V as Opportunity

Here at Chmura, much of our focus has been on how we can help educators with our unparalleled local labor market data to create a positive, productive experience with the Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment (CLNA). We support colleges and school divisions that see the CLNA “as a chance to take an in-depth look and your entire local CTE system.”

Carve Your Pumpkin With Labor Market Data

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to update our Chernoff jack-o’-lanterns. Chernoff faces are designed to display multiple variables as facial expressions, but we’ve carved ours with labor data from JobsEQ. Each facial feature on the pumpkin displays data on employment or wages in the state.

Economic Impact: National business economists foresee slowdown in U.S. growth

If you’ve ever spent time with a couple of economists, you may walk away thinking they never agree and enjoy criticizing each other’s models and assumptions. After spending a few days with over 300 economists at the National Association for Business Economics conference last week, I walked away with a different view. The possibility of recession and trade wars was a hot topic. An NABE panel predicts the nation will not see a recession in 2020, but that the real gross domestic product growth rate will slow to 1.8% — the first time since 2016 it has fallen below 2% with risks on the downside.