Our economic analysis is objective and will produce a study you’re proud to share with stakeholders.

Do you need to know the impact of COVID-19 on your region? How about the economic impact and ROI of a potential business relocation or expansion?

Those are tough questions. You probably aren’t an expert on economic impact studies—and you shouldn’t have to be! Our PhD economists, strategic planners, and data experts can provide you with a study that is objective, saves you research time, and helps you tell your region’s story—so you can get back to what you do best.

“My team has had great, fluid communication with the Chmura team. The COVID-19 Impact Study has gotten really great feedback from our Board.”

–Jesse McCree, CEO of SCPa Works


For more than twenty years, our consulting team has helped hundreds of clients in the private, government, and not-for-profit sectors. We help economic development, energy, workforce, education, site selection, and government clients find solutions to hard questions. We can help you too.


Our Work

Economic Impact Study

Our PhD economists can analyze the economic and fiscal impacts of events, residential and commercial developments, business relocations, academic institutions, and more. Our study will help you show your organization’s contribution to the local community. Clients who get economic impact studies love us for our thorough and objective approach.


COVID-19 Impact Study

 Find out how COVID-19 is affecting your local economy by getting a custom COVID-19 Impact Study. We take your region’s industries, workforce, and local COVID-19 regulations into account. You will save research time and get an objective COVID-19 study that you can share with regional stakeholders. A COVID-19 impact study provides the solid foundation you need to plan your region’s recovery.


Industry and Labor Market Analysis

 Our economists will uncover your region’s unique labor market characteristics. We are experts in target industry and cluster analysis, workforce assessments, and identifying opportunities for business and talent attraction and retention. Our clients use our labor market studies to grow their economies and develop their workforce. When you work with us you save research time and get a crystal-clear picture of your local labor market.


“This is not a study that will be put on the shelf.” –David Rodgers, Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce


Strategic Planning for Workforce & Economic Development

 We offer strategic planning for economic development and workforce organizations. Our staff have experience serving on a workforce board and 20+ years of experience analyzing local labor markets. We will help you develop a confident plan to grow your region or workforce. 


Competitor Benchmarking & Socioeconomic Indicators

How does my region compare to peers? Chmura develops quantitative socioeconomic indicators—including demographics, employment and wage growth, educational attainment, and community wellbeing–that we use to identify peer regions and compare your community’s characteristics to theirs. It’s the data-based foundation you need to plan your region’s holistic growth.


Economic Forecasts 

Our Blue-Chip forecasters provide economic forecasts for localities, cities, and states. We’ll incorporate macroeconomic indicators, state and regional trends, industry projections, and expected tax revenue into our short- and long-term economic forecast.

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