We'll provide you a custom economic impact study that is objective and saves you research time.

In the era of the “data tsunami”, Chmura works on a customized basis to turn data into actionable intelligence. With a specialization in areas that affect economies, our team of PhD economists, statisticians, data scientists, mathematicians, and strategists generates top-quality information and translates it into insights for both private and public clients. Combining primary and secondary data, Chmura’s consulting services give clients the information they need to identify opportunities and make sound decisions.

Our consultants can help you answer hard questions like:

What is the economic and fiscal impact of our utility expansion?

What is the ROI of our organization’s operations?

How can we compare ourselves to the competition?

What businesses do we need to attract to sustain growth in our area?

How do we attract and retain talent in our region?


We don't just apply a model.

Just as each situation is different, every solution is unique. Nothing at Chmura is “cookie cutter” – all data and reports are specific to the project at hand.




Economic information and data analysis geared to answer specific questions for a wide scope of clients and audiences across the public and private sectors.

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Weekly and quarterly economic reports that review recent financial events and provide an economic forecast, as well as consensus view of upcoming reports. 



Detailed federal spending data, adjusted for contract time of performance, at the local, state or MSA level to better understand changing contract spending and its impact on occupations, industries, and the supply chains to those industries.


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What business problem or opportunity could data help you solve or uncover? We can help your organization make confident decisions backed by verifiable data.