Chmura Economics & Analytics (Chmura) conducts its surveys with strict guidelines regarding the confidentiality of gathered data. All information provided by respondents is treated as personal and confidential. Individual survey answers are combined with those of many others and used only in statistical analysis. Results are reported only in aggregate such that individual responses cannot be ascertained. Primary data is used only internally and is neither publicized nor shared with any project client or related organization. If Chmura uses a subcontractor for data collection, that relationship is made clear and the subcontracting organization follows the same confidentiality guidelines. For data provided to Chmura directly by individuals or businesses, Chmura operates under the same confidentiality guidelines as for surveys.

Survey References

  • NAWBO Richmond
    A 2015 on-line survey of 209 women-owned businesses in Virginia was conducted to understand the characteristics of their businesses and to uncover ways to better support women entrepreneurs in Virginia.

  • Richmond 2015
    An intercept survey of about 400 visitors was conducted to understand the visitor profile, spending pattern, and economic impact of the UCI Road World Championships in Richmond, Virginia. 

  • Ohio Development Services Agency
    A 2015 email survey of defense contractors in Ohio was conducted to identify Department of Defense dependencies in the Ohio economy in order to model the impact of potential reductions in DoD spending.

  • Thompkins County (New York) Strategic Tourism Planning Board
    Chmura was awarded a year-long engagement in 2010 for intercept surveys at tourist attractions and lodging establishments, as well as telephone surveys of households and students.  The objectives of the surveys were to obtain baseline economic and demographic measures to be used for planning and evaluating tourism programs, secure a sound estimate of visitors to the County, and discover a sense of visitor motivation, satisfaction, and likelihood of repeat visitation.

Confidentiality Agreements between Chmura and Public Organizations

  • Virginia Employment Commission
    Chmura is provided firm-specific employment and wage data from this Virginia State agency under a confidentiality agreement that has been in place since 1999.
  • Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services
    Similar to the above, firm-specific employment and wage for Ohio is provided to Chmura under a confidentiality agreement.

Public Notice of Non-Discrimination

Chmura Economics & Analytics, LLC ensures nondiscrimination in all programs and activities in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If you need more information or special assistance for persons with disabilities or limited English proficiency, contact our office at 804-554-5400.